The "Fix Your Forward Head" Beta Program Pricing Is Coming To A Close!

Discount Ends March 31st, 2017

Let's face's an ugly pandemic.

It's the most common cause of neck pain, shoulder pain, arm and hand tingling, stress headaches, migraines, and even jaw pain.

It's unattractive.

It makes you look and feel older than you really are.

It's forward head posture...or FHP for short.

And after 18 years of helping people get rid of pain from crossed posture syndrome, I've discovered that FHP is by far the most common reason for the look and feel of unhealthy aging.

The problem with FHP is it kind of sneaks up on you as stress accumulates in your life.  So you don't see it coming until you start developing pain, fatigue, and a hunched over appearance.

And a whopping 1/3 of us have a predisposition to it even in childhood.

Combine this predisposition with all the "forward head" of our computer, tv, and hand held device sedentary society and you've got a prescription for a major FHP epidemic!

The good news is, I've been helping people correct it online through the Core Wellness Institute training course, webinars, and blog posts for over 8 years.

But until now, the only way to get my help was to jump around on YouTube and pick up bits and pieces, or enroll in the full Core Wellness Institute online course for upwards of $300.

But now, in order to make it more accessible and reach more people with the important message of fixing FHP, I"m creating this new focused program.

And you're going to LOVE the price.


The NEW "Fix Your Forward Head...From The CORE" Training Program

This special program is dedicated to reversing FHP for the long term because it will not be done with outdated "neck retraction" exercises.  

The ONLY way to reverse the pain, fatigue, and the look and feel of unhealthy aging is to "re-awaken" the natural "up-righting" pattern you developed from the time you began lifting your head at only 6 weeks old.

That's right, you're going to take your bodymind "back in time" to the positions of these critical time frames and re-wire good head positioning "from the core" that doesn't feel "forced" and uncomfortable.

With this program, with help from me as a "stern but concerned" teacher, you're going to feel younger, lighter, taller, more relaxed, and more confident.  

And although the goal of the program is to fix your forward head and stop and even reverse the hunched over appearance of unhealthy aging, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the "side effects" of less pain and more energy along the way.

The program will be delivered inside the Core Wellness Institute and I'm looking for adventurers to be part of  a "beta group" to help me create it with your questions and feedback.

Here's what's included in the 30-day program...


As soon as you register, you get immediate access to:

  • Fix Your Forward Head Deep Dive - Part One

    In this first training video you’ll discover…

    • Why you MUST be able to activate your core like a 4.5 month old baby…or you’ll be chin poking for the rest of your life
    • The magic “transition point” in your mid back that allows your head to naturally sit in the correct position without stressing and straining to keep it there!
    • How to use your “deep core stabilizing system” to make your head feel like it’s floating exactly where it belongs.
    • How to release the blocked and stuck joints and muscles keep you from chin poking and overloading your neck, shoulders, and even your low back!
    • Why just working on “neck retraction” exercises or just “deep neck flexor” exercises will never create a permanent fix.
    • What your jaw has to do with it and some simple strategies to bring balance back to your TMJ
  • Fix Your Forward Head Deep Dive- Part 2

    In part 2, you’ll discover…

    • A new “Litmus Test” for Weak Neck Stabilizers…Not monitoring your “neck stress indicator muscles” is a classic mistake. Also…Introducing the “Mirror Ball” Test that triggers these “indicator muscles” like a flag going up! (Discovered by scientists in Queensland, Australia)
    • The Most Common Mistake That Leads To A “Head Forward Relapse”. Without a doubt, trying to pull your head back without setting up the foundational “anchors” below your neck will always lead to frustrating relapse (we’ll review the basics of how to fix this…it was covered in Part 1.
    • Interesting And Effective Training Strategy From Yoga…how to use the Yoga “Boat Pose” as both a test and a training strategy to make a natural head posture happen organically without strain.
    • Upper Back Foam Rolling Mistakes I See Over and Over. Everyone should have a foam roll. I’ll show you how to make sure you don’t get hurt when you do the extremely effective “foam angels”

Plus...I added two BONUS videos from inside the CWI Course That You'll Also Have Immediate Access To Upon Registration:

  • BONUS - The Most Common Mistakes when Correcting FHP...And How To Fix Them

    It’s nice to be able to identify common mistakes and have fixes, isn’t it?

  • BONUS - "The Anatomy of Effortless Upright Posture"

    A video explanation of precisely what has to happen with your muscles to make it feel truly “effortless”.

And We're Not Stopping There.   You're Going To Get LOTS Of Support...

  • 4 LIVE Coaching Follow Up Training Sessions

    Each week you’ll have access to a LIVE Coaching Follow Up!

    I’ll be bringing out some key elements most people struggle with and answering your questions LIVE.

    The live coaching calls will be Tuesday or Wednesday around mid to early afternoon Eastern time.  But never fear, there will be a recording available if you can’t make it and you can submit your questions inside the FYFHP course ahead of time.

  • Direct Access Premium Coaching

    Through the first week of April, 2017, in addition to being available to help you during live coaching follow ups…I’ll also be answering your individual questions through the comments section inside the course.

    That means you’ve essentially got me “on retainer” for 30 days to get all the help you need to get out of pain or just start looking and feeling young like you should!

  • Plus...LIFETIME Access To All The FHP Training Material and Coaching / Q&A Recordings!

    After the beta program is over, you’ll still retain access to all the content so you can go back and review it as much as you want.

So how much???

As far as price, this is the same unique training and education I give to my patients and private clients that pay me hundreds and even thousands of dollars get rid of headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel, TMJ issues, mid back pain, and an assortment of other annoying problems.

But to make it more accessible to more people, I've decided to lower the barrier to entry on this training program.

So here's how I came up with a sensible price point...

Since I currently have each of the FYFHP web training videos (part one and part two) for sale on my website for $27 apiece...the 2 FHP classes (which you'll have access to immediately) come to $54. 

And each additional live coaching session, where you can ask me anything and get immediate live help, has at LEAST a value of the same.  But we'll stay on the low end for the live sessions at $27 apiece.

So that's two in-depth FYFHP training videos for $54.

Plus 3 live coaching / Q&A sessions at $27 apiece.  So that's an additional $81.

And the Direct Access Premium Support / Coaching where you get specific recommendations for  your individual issues inside the FHP members area  is normally $97/month to have me on retainer.

So when we add it all up that's $54 + $81 + $97 =  $232

Now, I could have done the "internet marketing thing" where I over inflated the price of a just on training video worth, say...$297 and the whole program worth $1100.  

But even though it certainly could be worth that if you finally got rid of annoying neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, or carpal tunnel,  I think it's unethical to inflate pricing like that.

So This is a Very REAL value of $232.  

But...since you're part of my "Beta group" and you're helping me "co-create" this course by asking your coaching questions along the way that will be guiding the content, I'm creating a "Beta" price of only $97 for the whole program.

Also...since this is a new product for me, and I'll be offering it as a self study program once the beta program is over, I'll need success stories.

So if you make a promise that you'll send me an email with your feedback, and hopefully your success story after the program, you can register today for only $97 $47.

Then you'll have immediate access to Fix Your Forward Head, Parts 1 and 2, plus the 2 bonus training videos.

All you have to do now to be the first in line to take advantage of the Beta group pricing is click the button below or click HERE now.

I'm excited to help you stay young, healthy, happy, and strong so you can live with less pain, more energy, and of course...better posture 🙂

See you on the inside!  Click the button below now and let's get started.

Dr. Steve

P.S.  You're always protected by our 30-day money back guarantee.  If you don't think the training and access to individual help is worth your investment, just let me know within 30 days and you're enrollment will be refunded in full.  

That way I'm taking all the risk and you've got nothing to lose.

P.P.S.  The beta group enrollment period with the discounted price will only be available while we're still in the process of creating and recording all the coaching calls during the month of March, 2017.  So click the button below to enroll now 

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